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History of Himachal Pradesh - PART 1 | HP history questions | Himachal Pradesh history | HP GK Study

The history of Himachal Pradesh is based on the Vedas, Puranas and the Mahabharata. It is known as DEV BHOOMI or the abode of Gods. The region now known as Himachal Pradesh comprises of princely states of Banghal, Bilaspur, Chamba, Mandi, Kinnaur, Kangra, Kutlehar, Kullu. Lahaul Spiti, Mandi, Mahasu, Sirmaur and Suket. 

>> Who gave the name “ Himachal Pradesh” ?
Ans: Acharya Diwakar Dutt Sharma

1. Who was the founder of Chamba State?
Ans: Meru Verma in 550 A.D

2. Who was the founder of Kehlur State?
Ans: Veerchand Chandel in 697 A.D

3. Who founded Suket State?
 Ans: Veer Sen in 765 A.D

4.  Who founded Nalagarh State?
Ans: Ajay Chand in 100 A.D.

5. Who was the founder of Nurpur State?
Ans: Tejpal Tomar in 1000 A.D.

6.  Who was the founder of Sirmour State?
Ans: Subhansh Prakash in 1195 A.D

7.  Who founded Trigarta State?
 Ans: Raja Susharma

8. Who was the founder of the princely state of Mandi?
Ans: Raja Bahu Sen in 1200 A.D; Ajbar Sen was the founder of historical city of Mandi in 1526 AD.

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HPSSSB Exams | HP Subordinate Allied Services exams | HPSSSB Clerk Exam | HPPSC Exam Questions and Answers

1. Who was the first woman chief minister in Independent India?
A: Sucheta Kriplani

2. Five-year plan in India is finally approved by :
A: National Development Council

3. Declaring a Financial Emergency is related to which article of the Constitution?
A: 360

4. Which amendment of the Constitution of India inserted a new article 21 A providing Right to Education in the constitution?
A: 86th Amendment

5. What was the main aim of Antyodaya Programme?
A: Helping the poorest among poor

6. SJSRY belongs to :
A: Urban Areas

7. Estimation of poverty in India is given by the :
A: NITI Aayog

8. The central banking functions in India are performed by the :

9. Stagflation is :
A: Inflation with depression

10. Dear Money Policy implies :
A: High-interest rates

11. When was the Consumer Protection Act passed?
A: 1986

12. Who gave the call for 'Evergreen Revolution' in India?
A: M.S. Swaminathan

13. Which State of India has become the first to implement the National policy on biofuels ?
A: Rajast…

HP Naib Tehsildar Exam questions and answers | HPPSC HPAS HPSSSB Questions | HP GK Solved Paper 2018 | HP Subordinate Allied Services Exams

- Which Mughal emperor got a mosque built inside the Kangra fort?
Ans: Jahangir

- Which European traveller travelled from Nahan to Jammu via Nurpur around 1783 AD?
Ans: Forster

- Which Raja of Kullu was taken prisoner by the Suket princely state around 850 - 900 AD?
Ans: Bhup Pal

- What is the name of Yogi who guided Raja Sahil Verman of Chamba princely state regarding the site of the new capital of his state?
Ans: Charpatnath

- Which Raja of Nurpur princely state built Taragarh Fort in the territory of Chamba princely state around 1625 - 30 AD?
Ans: Jagat Singh

- Which two Thakurais were made subordinate to Jubbal princely state in 1896 AD?
Ans: Rawingarh and Dhadi

- Which raja of Bushahr acted with hostility towards the British during 1857 mutiny?
Ans: Shamsher Singh

- Which one of the following was sentenced to death in Lahore conspiracy case, which was later on reduced to life imprisonment?
Ans: Hirday Ram

- Who founded the ruling dynasty of Hindur princely state?
Ans: Ajit Chand

- Where …

Test your preparation -2 : Himachal Pradesh Forest Services (ACF) Exam 2017 | Previous Year Solved Question Paper Himachal Allied Services

1. Which Raja of Spiti invaded Kullu during the reign of Raja Rudar Pal and made it a tributary of Spiti?
A: Rajendar Sen

2. Which Raja of Mandi princely state got a silver image (of deity) made and named it Madho Rai to which he assigned his kingdom?
A: Suraj Sen

3. Where was the treaty between Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra signed on 5th Sawan 1866 Sambat (corresponding to about 20th July 1809) by which the Kangra fort and District of Sanshata were transferred to the Govt. of Lahore?

4. According to Govt. of India's letter dated 8th February 1889 what was the order in which the rulers of the princely states were to sit in the Darbar?
A:Mandi, Sirmaur, Kehlur, Bushahr

5. According to Sanad granted to the Raja of Keonthal in September 1815 which of the following were placed under his authority?
A:Theog and Ghund

6. Which Raja of Sirmaur shifted the seat of his Govt. from Kalsi to Rajpur?
A:Karam Parkash

7. Which revolutionary leader of Mandi princely state…

Test your preparation 1 : Previous Year Question Paper | Questions asked in Range Forest Officer (RFO) Exam 2017

1. Who is the author of "Travels in Kashmir and Ladakh"?
a) James Tod
b) Vincent Smith
c) E.J Rapson
d) G.T Vigne

2. Who succeeded to the throne of Kangra princely state when Raja Hari Chand 1 was presumed dead but was actually alive?
a) Megh Chand
b) Karam Chand
c) Suvira Chand
d) Dharam Chand

3. Who guided Raja Sahil Verman of Chamba princely state on matters concerning the setting up of new capital of the state at its present location--Chamba?
a) Yugakar
b) Saumatika
c) Yogi Charpatnath
d) Tarushka

4. Around which year was Moravian Mission with its headquarters at Kyelang (Lahaul) set up?
a) 1823 A.D
b) 1835 A.D
c) 1853 A.D
d) 1875 A.D

5. During or about the reign of which Raja of Bilaspur princely state his state (and all other Shimla hill states) became subject and Tributay to the Mughal Empire?
a) Gyan Chand
b) Fateh Chand
c) Megh Chand
d) Rattan Chand

6. According to Vikram Sambat when was a treaty concluded between Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore and Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra by which the

Fairs and festivals of Himachal Pradesh | Himachal GK | HP Allied Services questions | HPSSSB examinations questions answers | Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

Himachal Pradesh has numerous fairs and festivals and to Himachalis any opportunity for celebrations is welcome. All these colourful festivals and fairs provide healthy recreation and marketing places for the inhabitants.
Traders from far and near join these fairs to display articles like clothes, wool, pashmina, furs, leather, pottery, metalware, ornaments as well as other local products.

>> Important Fairs in Himachal Pradesh :
- Minjar Fair: Celebrated in the district of Chamba at a place 'Chaugan' in Chamba town. Minjar means Maize flowers. This fair starts on the second Sunday of 'Sawan' month (August).
- Kullu Dussehra:It begins on the Vijay Dashmi day in Kullu District and continues for seven days.
- Shivratri Fair: Celebrated in Mandi District during the month of February on Shivratri Day. This fair also lasts for seven days and artists from different parts of the country provide their performances.
- Naina Devi Fair: It is held at Naina Devi temple, Bilaspur i…

Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge| HP GK Study | HP Allied Servcies exams questions and answers

In this post, I am bringing those questions which are hardly known to most of the aspirants. I hope you will be more than happy to know the unknown things related to Education and media for HP GK :

1. What is the name of a Hindi Magazine (monthly) which was started during the early sixties but remained suspended during 1956-66?
Ans: Sahitya Darshan

2. After the suspension, when was the above-mentioned magazine revived?
Ans: At the end of 1967

3. Which non- regional newspaper commands the largest circulation in Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: The Tribune; It's probably because this paper is published from Chandigarh - a place nearest to the state of Himachal Pradesh

4. What are the major dialects in which AIR Shimla broadcasts programmes?
Ans : Kangri, Chambiali, Mandiyali, Kinnauri and Sirmauri

5. Under the reign of which ruler, the education system in Himachal Pradesh flourished?
Ans: Raja Shamsher Prakash of Sirmaur

6. Which ruler had established a "madrasa" at Nahan to impart education i…

Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge - Major Rivers in Himachal Pradesh | Rivers, their tributaries and Lakes of Himachal Pradesh

A) Rivers in Himachal Pradesh :

The major drainage system of Himachal Pradesh is based on the flow of rivers like Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Satluj and Yamuna. Riversin Himachal Pradesh have a unique distinction of providing water to Indus and Gangetic basins.  The water passes into both Bay of Bengal as well as the Arabian Sea.

1. Satluj :
Vedic Name : Satudri
Sanskrit Name : Shatdru
Origin : Rakas Tal near Mansarover Lake
Major Tributaries : Nogli, Baspa, Spiti
Distance covered in Himachal : 320 km

2. Beas :
Vedic Name : Arijikiya or Arijikuja
Sanskrit Name : Vipasa
Origin : Byas Kund at Rohtang Pass
Major Tributaries : Banganga, Chakki, Parbati, Uhl, Tirthan, Luni, Sainj, Binwa, Harli
Distance covered in Himachal : 256 km

3.Ravi :
Vedic Name : Purushni
Sanskrit Name : Iravati
Origin : Bara Banghal (Bhandal and Tantgiri Glaciers)
Major Tributaries :Tantgiri, Chatrini, Siul, Bhandar, Baira
Distance covered in Himachal :158 km

4. Chenab
Vedic Name :ChandraBhaga
Sanskrit Name : Askini or Iskamati
Origin : Bara …