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Himachal Pradesh History - PART 2 | HP History Questions and Answers | Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge | HP GK Study

1. Who built the Taragarh Fort?
Ans: Jagat Singh (Chamba)

2. Who built Nagarkot Fort?
Ans: Susharma

3. Who built Kamlahgarh Fort?
Ans: Suraj Sen

 4. Who built Damadam Mahal?
Ans: Suraj Sen (Mandi)

5. Who built Nahan Fort?
Ans: Karam Prakash

6. Who built Sheesh Mahal?
Ans : Fateh Prakash (Nahan); Moti Mahal at Nahan was also built by same ruler.

7. Who built Shahpur Fort?
Ans: Bhaktmal (Shahpur)

8. Who was the builder of Rani Tal Garden?
Ans: Shamsher Prakash

9. Who built Hidimba Temple at Manali?
Ans: Raja Bahadur Singh

10. Who was the founder of Manimahesh Temple at Chamba?
Ans: Meru Verma

11. Who built Naina Devi Temple at Bilaspur?
Ans: Raja Veer Chand

12. Who is known as Pahari Gandhi?
Ans: Baba Kanshi Ram

13. Who gave this title?
Ans: Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru

14. Who was popularly known as Kaviraj?
Ans: Padma Dev

15. Major Somnath Sharma belonged to which Distt.?
Ans: Kangra

16. Who wrote the book "The Wonderland Himachal Pradesh"?
Ans: Jag Mohan Balokhra

17. Who was the author of " A History of Mandi"?
Ans: Vikram Kayasth

18. Who wrote "Bilaspur Past, Present and Future"?
Ans: Anand Chand

19. Who is the author of History of Mandi State?
Ans: Man Mohan Singh

20. Who gave the title "Bulbul-e Hill " to Baba Kanshi Ram?
Ans: Sarojini Naidu

21. When was the battle of Nareti Shahpur fought?
Ans: 1786 A.D

22. When did Suket Satyagrah occur?
Ans: 1948

23. When was Bilaspur included in Himachal Pradesh as the fifth district?
Ans: 1954

24. Who was the first speaker of Vidhan Sabha?
Ans: Pt, Jaiwant Ram

25. Who was the first Deputy Speaker of Vidhan Sabha?
Ans: Jagat Singh Negi


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