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HPPSC HPSSSB questions | | HP GK Study | Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

Q1. When was Solan District formed?
A: 1st Sept.1972

Q2. Where is the Mahima Library located?
A: Nahan [Sirmaur]

Q3. In which district. is 260 MW Hibra hydro electronic project situated?
A: Chamba

Q4. The youngest girl in the world to climb Mt. Everest :
A: Dicky Dolma in 1993

Q5. Delhi- Nangal railway line was extended up to Una in which year?
A: 1991

Q6. In which district is the "Vanaspati ghee plant" with a production rate of 100-ton ghee per day is located?
A: Mandi

Q7. Which country is assisting with the Pilot project on Trout in Himachal Pradesh?
A: Norway

Q8. Which major Hydel project is being run in collaboration with Russia?
A: Kol Dam

Q9. Where is Andhra Hydel project located?
A: Shimla

Q10. The last village of Spiti valley is :
A: Losar

Q11. The festival "Bhunda" is related to which sage?
A: Parshuram

Q12. Bir Billing in Kangra is famous for which sports activity?
A: Para Gliding

Q13. Where is the nine-hole golf course situated in Himachal Pradesh?
A: Naldera, Shimla

Q14. What i…