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HImachal Pradesh General Knowledge - HPSSSB and HPAS Exams questions | HP GK

1. What is the height of Shipki pass? Ans: 4500 m 2. Shimla's boundary is touched by which other states/districts? Ans: Sirmour, Uttarakhand, Solan and Mandi Pahari Dance 3. Which festival in Kullu is dedicated to sage Parshuram? Ans: Bhunda 4. Who built the Hidimba temple? Ans: R. Bahadur Singh 5. What is the height of Shilla peak? Ans: 7050m 6. Who wrote the book "Praachin Himachal"? Ans: L.C Parathi 7. Where is Dashahar Lake situated? Ans: Mandali (Kullu) 8. Kunah Khad is a tributary of which main river in Himachal Pradesh? Ans: Beas 9. Mansarovar Lake is the source of which main river? Ans: Satluj 10. Raja Rattan Chand ruled over which famous province? Ans: Kahloor 11. Buddhism is mainly prevalent in which District of Himachal Pradesh? Ans: Lahaul Spiti 12. Trigarta is the ancient name of : Ans: Kangra 13. Haryana lies to which direction of  H.P? Ans: South 14. Where's Tibet government in exile? Ans: Dharamshala