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Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge | HP GK Study | HPSSSB and HP Allied Services Exams Questions

Scenic Beauty of Himachal Pradesh 1. Name the organization which is against the order of HP high court for banning animal sacrifice at religious places?   Ans: Kullu Devi Devta Kardar Sangh 2. Justice Tek Chand mentioned which community for its high sense of service, dignity and duty? Ans: Sood 3. Where does Swangla tribe live in H.P ? Ans : Along Chandra Bhaga in Lahaul Spiti 4. Where is Shyamakali temple located? Ans: Mandi 5.  Who is the author of the book "Kinner Kailash"? Ans: Rahul Sankrityan 6. Which is the oldest library of Himachal Pradesh ? Ans: Mahima Library at Nahan 7. Where is "Nehru Kund"? Ans: Manali 8. Which pass connects Kangra and Chamba? Ans: Indrahar Pass 9. How many total bridges come in the way of Kalka-Shimla Railway Track ? Ans: 864 10. Where does Lavi fair take place? Ans: Rampur 11. The famous Shirgul Devta is worshipped mainly in which district? Ans: Sirmaur 12. What is Chur Chandni? Ans: A moun

HP Allied services exam questions | Himachal Pradesh Allied Services exam preparation | Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

1. Which is the largest man-made lake in HP? Ans: Gobind Sagar 2. Which is the longest highway in Himachal Pradesh? Ans: Hindustan - Tibet Road from Parwanoo to Kaurik [335km] 3.Which distt. has famous glaciers : Budhon and Parbati ? Ans: Kullu 4. Who is the author of the book "Dharti hai Balidan ki"? Ans: Shanta Kumar 5. As per Census of India 2011, What's the literacy rate in HP? Ans: 82.80% 6. Who was the ruler of Bilaspur at the time of independence? Ans: Anand Chand  7. When did Dr Y.S Parmar become chief minister of Himachal Pradesh for the first time? Ans: 24th March 1952 8. In 1980, a cement factory was installed at Rajban . In which district is Rajban? Ans: Sirmaur 9. Abolition of Big Landed States Act was passed in Himachal Pradesh in which year? Ans: 1954 10. Which district is called the Mushroom district of Himachal Pradesh? Ans: Solan 11. Who wrote the book "Country Life"? Ans: Norah Richards 12. When was Dh