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Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge | HP GK Study | HPSSSB and HP Allied Services Exams Questions

1. Name the organization which is against the order of HP high court for banning animal sacrifice at religious places?
Ans: Kullu Devi Devta Kardar Sangh

2. Justice Tek Chandmentioned which community for its high sense of service, dignity and duty?
Ans: Sood

3. Where does Swangla tribe live in H.P?
Ans : Along Chandra Bhaga in Lahaul Spiti

4. Where is Shyamakali temple located?
Ans: Mandi

5.  Who is the author of the book "Kinner Kailash"?
Ans: Rahul Sankrityan

6. Which is the oldest library of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Mahima Library at Nahan

7. Where is "Nehru Kund"?
Ans: Manali

8. Which pass connects Kangra and Chamba?
Ans: Indrahar Pass

9. How many total bridges come in the way of Kalka-Shimla Railway Track?
Ans: 864

10. Where does Lavi fair take place?
Ans: Rampur

11. The famous Shirgul Devta is worshipped mainly in which district?
Ans: Sirmaur

12. What is Chur Chandni?
Ans: A mountain range in Sirmaur

Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge - HPPSC exams | Himachal Pradesh Allied Services exams

1. Which is the largest man-made lake in HP?
Ans: Gobind Sagar

2. Which is the longest highway in Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Hindustan - Tibet Road from Parwanoo to Kaurik [335km]

3.Which distt. has famous glaciers : Budhon and Parbati ?
Ans: Kullu

4. Who is the author of the book "Dharti hai Balidan ki"?
Ans: Shanta Kumar

5. As per Census of India 2011, What's the literacy rate in HP?
Ans: 82.80%

6. Who was the ruler of Bilaspur at the time of independence?
Ans: Anand Chand 

7. When did Dr Y.S Parmar become chief minister of Himachal Pradesh for the first time?
Ans: 24th March 1952

8. In 1980, a cement factory was installed at Rajban. In which district is Rajban?
Ans: Sirmaur

9. Abolition of Big Landed States Act was passed in Himachal Pradesh in which year?
Ans: 1954

10. Which district is called the Mushroom district of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Solan

11. Who wrote the book "Country Life"?
Ans: Norah Richards

12. When was Dharam Chand ascended Kangra throne?
Ans: 1528 AD

13. When were seve…