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Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge - Major Rivers in Himachal Pradesh | Rivers, their tributaries and Lakes of Himachal Pradesh

A) Rivers in Himachal Pradesh : The major drainage system of Himachal Pradesh is based on the flow of rivers like Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Satluj and Yamuna . Rivers in Himachal Pradesh have a unique distinction of providing water to Indus and Gangetic basins.  The water passes into both Bay of Bengal as well as the Arabian Sea. Himachal Pradesh Rivers 1. Satluj : Vedic Name : Satudri Sanskrit Name : Shatdru Origin : Rakas Tal near Mansarover Lake Major Tributaries : Nogli, Baspa, Spiti Distance covered in Himachal : 320 km 2. Beas : Vedic Name : Arijikiya or Arijikuja Sanskrit Name : Vipasa Origin : Byas Kund at Rohtang Pass Major Tributaries : Banganga, Chakki, Parbati, Uhl, Tirthan, Luni, Sainj, Binwa, Harli Distance covered in Himachal : 256 km 3. Ravi : Vedic Name : Purushni Sanskrit Name : Iravati Origin : Bara Banghal (Bhandal and Tantgiri Glaciers) Major Tributaries :Tantgiri, Chatrini, Siul, Bhandar, Baira Distance covered in Himachal :158 km 4. Ch

Important events in the history of Himachal Pradesh | History of Himachal Pradesh - PART 3 | Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge

Here are important dates to remember from Competitive exams point of view.  630 A.D - Battle of Bilaspur and Hadur 1009 AD - Mahmud Ghaznavi attacked Kangra Fort 1365 - Feroz Shah Tughlaq attacked Kangra and Jwalamukhi Kangra Fort 1620 - Jahangir captured Kangra 1686 - Battle of Bhagani was fought between Guru Gobind Singh and Raja Bhim Chand of Bilaspur 1783 - Raja Sansar Chand Captured Kangra after the death of Sardar Safi Khan, a Mughal chief 1786- Battle of Nareti Shahpur was fought 1805 - Gurkhas, led by Amar Singh Thapa captured Kangra 1809 - Maharaja Ranjit Singh defeated Gurkha forces and captured Kangra  1814-15- Battle between Gurkha and British; Shimla came under Britishers 1846 - Gurkha Sikh Treaty 1857-Jatog rebellion , led by Subedar Bhim Singh of British Army 1867 - Revolt of Handoor(Nalagarh) against Gulam Qadir 1883- Jugga agitation in Kehloor (Bilaspur) 1909/10 - Popular revolt at Mandi  1930 - Dandra agitation against the Bilas