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Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge - Major Rivers in Himachal Pradesh | Rivers, their tributaries and Lakes of Himachal Pradesh

A) Rivers in Himachal Pradesh :

The major drainage system of Himachal Pradesh is based on the flow of rivers like Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Satluj and Yamuna. Riversin Himachal Pradesh have a unique distinction of providing water to Indus and Gangetic basins.  The water passes into both Bay of Bengal as well as the Arabian Sea.

1. Satluj :
Vedic Name : Satudri
Sanskrit Name : Shatdru
Origin : Rakas Tal near Mansarover Lake
Major Tributaries : Nogli, Baspa, Spiti
Distance covered in Himachal : 320 km

2. Beas :
Vedic Name : Arijikiya or Arijikuja
Sanskrit Name : Vipasa
Origin : Byas Kund at Rohtang Pass
Major Tributaries : Banganga, Chakki, Parbati, Uhl, Tirthan, Luni, Sainj, Binwa, Harli
Distance covered in Himachal : 256 km

3.Ravi :
Vedic Name : Purushni
Sanskrit Name : Iravati
Origin : Bara Banghal (Bhandal and Tantgiri Glaciers)
Major Tributaries :Tantgiri, Chatrini, Siul, Bhandar, Baira
Distance covered in Himachal :158 km

4. Chenab
Vedic Name :ChandraBhaga
Sanskrit Name : Askini or Iskamati
Origin : Bara …

History of Himachal Pradesh - PART 3 | Important Dates to remember | Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge

Here are important dates to remember from Competitive exams point of view. There are several history questions asked in exams like HPPSC, HPAS, HPSSSB and Allied services where most of the candidates get confused. 
Below are the dates presented in ascending order from the ancient period to the modern period. I hope the readers will find helpful to remember these.

630 A.D - Battle of Bilaspur and Hadur

1009 AD - Mahmud Ghaznavi attacked Kangra Fort

1365 - Feroz Shah Tughlaq attacked Kangra and Jwalamukhi

1620 - Jahangir captured Kangra

1686 - Battle of Bhagani was fought between Guru Gobind Singh and Raja Bhim Chand of Bilaspur

1783 - Raja Sansar Chand Captured Kangra after the death of Sardar Safi Khan, a Mughal chief

1786- Battle of Nareti Shahpur was fought

1805 - Gurkhas, led by Amar Singh Thapa captured Kangra

1809 - Maharaja Ranjit Singh defeated Gurkha forces and captured Kangra 

1814-15- Battle between Gurkha and British; Shimla came under Britishers

1846 - Gurkha Sikh Treaty

1857-Jatog reb…