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Test your preparation 1 : Previous Year Question Paper | RFO Exam Himachal | Questions asked in Range Forest Officer (RFO) Exam 2017

1. Who is the author of "Travels in Kashmir and Ladakh"? a) James Tod b) Vincent Smith c) E.J Rapson d) G.T Vigne 2. Who succeeded to the throne of Kangra princely state when Raja Hari Chand 1 was presumed dead but was actually alive? a) Megh Chand b) Karam Chand c) Suvira Chand d) Dharam Chand 3. Who guided Raja Sahil Verman of Chamba princely state on matters concerning the setting up of new capital of the state at its present location--Chamba? a) Yugakar b) Saumatika c) Yogi Charpatnath d) Tarushka 4. Around which year was Moravian Mission with its headquarters at Kyelang (Lahaul) set up? a) 1823 A.D b) 1835 A.D c) 1853 A.D d) 1875 A.D 5. During or about the reign of which Raja of Bilaspur princely state his state (and all other Shimla hill states) became subject and Tributay to the Mughal Empire? a) Gyan Chand b) Fateh Chand c) Megh Chand d) Rattan Chand 6. According to Vikram Sambat when was a treaty concluded between Maharaja Ranjit Sing