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HP Subordinate Allied Services exams | HPSSSB Clerk Exam | HPPSC Exam Questions and Answers

1. Who was the first woman chief minister in Independent India?
A: Sucheta Kriplani

2. Five-year plan in India is finally approved by :
A: National Development Council

3. Declaring a Financial Emergency is related to which article of the Constitution?
A: 360

4. Which amendment of the Constitution of India inserted a new article 21 A providing Right to Education in the constitution?
A: 86th Amendment

5. What was the main aim of Antyodaya Programme?
A: Helping the poorest among poor

6. SJSRY belongs to :
A: Urban Areas

7. Estimation of poverty in India is given by the :
A: NITI Aayog

8. The central banking functions in India are performed by the :

9. Stagflation is :
A: Inflation with depression

10. Dear Money Policy implies :
A: High-interest rates

11. When was the Consumer Protection Act passed?
A: 1986

12. Who gave the call for 'Evergreen Revolution' in India?
A: M.S. Swaminathan

13. Which State of India has become the first to implement the National policy on biofuels ?
A: Rajasthan

14. Dr Bhishma Narain Singh, who passed away recently, was associated with which political party?

15. What is India's rank in the UN's E-Government Development Index in 2018?
A: 96th

16. Who is the new Chairman of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs?
A: S. Ramesh

17. Under whose captainship, The India Kabaddi team clinched the 2018 Kabaddi Masters Dubai title?
A: Ajay Thakur

18. Which Indian cricketer was recently inducted into ICC Cricket Hall of Fame?
A: Rahul Dravid

19. NITI Ayog has recently partnered with GNFC Ltd. to implement fertilizer subsidy disbursement through which technology?
A: Blockchain

20. Which state/UT has recently launched "Happiness Curriculum" for students up to class eight?
A: Delhi

21. The famous cultural festival 'Behdienkhlam 2018' was celebrated in which state?
A: Meghalaya

22. Who has recently become the first serving Indian Army officer to complete 'Ironman' competition?
A: Vikram Dogra

23. Which telecom company has become India's first mobile operator to launch internet telephony services in India?

24. Which Indian Naval Ship has become the first ever warship to enter the port of Sabang in Indonesia?
A: INS Sumitra

25. Which city hosted the first 'Nepal-India Think Tank' summit recently?
A: Kathmandu

26. Karman Kaur Thandi is associated with which sports?
A: Tennis

27. India's first in-phone tourism guide and mobile application 'Go whats that' has recently launched in which city?
A: Chandigarh

28. Who was the first information commissioner of Himachal Pradesh?
A: P.C Rana

29. In which year, All India Radio was set up in Shimla?
A: 1955

30. Who headed the Punjab re-organisation commission 1966?
A: J.C Shah

31. The new year festival in Chandra and Bhaga valley is called?
A: Halda

32. Which town of Himachal is known as 'Chhoti Kashi'?
A: Mandi

33. When did Mahatma Gandhi visit Dharampur (Solan) and delivered a speech?
A: 1939

34. Who was the first Himachali sportsperson to receive the Arjuna Award?
A: Suman Rawat

35. Who took a keen interest in Chamba embroidery and rumal?
A: Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay

36. The Masrur temples of Kangra is built in which century?
A: 8th

37. Who started the Shivratri fair of Mandi?
A: Ajbar Sen

38. The Aryans came to Himachal Pradesh from?
A: Central Asia

39. U.S Club, Shimla was originally the residence of which British ruler?
A: Sir Jeremiah Bryant

40. Who was the first speaker of H.P Vidhan Sabha?
A: Jaiwant Ram

41. Who was the ruler of Bushahr state when 1857 revolt took place?
A: Shamsher Singh

42. Who founded the Bhagal State?
A: Aje-De

43. What was the earlier name of SunderNagar town?
A: Bared

44. Who was the most powerful king of Kullu dynasty?
A: Maheshwar Singh

45. Who took the possession of books of Kangra library and got them translated into Persian?
A: Feroz Shah Tughluq

46. Which district does not share its boundary with Kangra district?
A: Bilaspur

47. Markanda Khad flows in which Distt. of H.P?
A: Sirmaur

48. Nako lake is located in which distt. of Himachal?
A: Kinnaur

49. Where does the river Satluj enters Shimla distt. ?
A: Badhal

50. By what name Glaciers are known in the local language?
A: Shigri

51. Which is the port town of Indus Valley civilization?
A: Lothal

52. The original name given to the followers of Mahavira was?
A: Nirgranthas

53. The last king, known to history, of the line of imperial Maurya, was :
A: Brihadratha

54. The largest urban centre in early ancient India was :
A: Pataliputra

55. Which of the following term came to be used for all kinds of foreigners?
A: Yavana

56. 'Navanitakam' deals with?
A: Medicine

57. Who is considered as the 'last great Hindu emperor' of India?
A: Harsha

58. Which was the last great Hindu Imperial Dynasty of Northern India?
A: Gurjara-Pratiharas

59. The famous Chaturbhuja temple at Khajuraho was built by?
A: Yasovarnam

60. Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki was associated with which of the following Sufi orders?
A: Chisti order

61. The ruler who did not go for any fresh conquests was?
A: Bahlol Lodhi

62. Where were the ships built for trade?
A: Maldive Islands

63. The longest of Shivaji's military campaigns was conducted against?
A: Karnataka

64. The Indian ruler who defeated the English in the early stage of British rule in India was?
A: Haider Ali

65. Who declared himself as the Governor of Bahadur Shah?
A: Khan Bahadur Khan

66. The first Nationalist leader to preside over the Indian National Congress was :
A: W.C Banerjee

67. How many of Gandhiji's followers were selected to go on the march to Dandi?
A: 78

68. After which session Muhammad Ali Jinnah left the Congress?
A: Nagpur Session

69. The main food crop in Asia is :
A: Rice

70. The Queen of Himalayas is :
A: Kanchenjunga

71. The Barak river originates from :
A: Mount Japvo

72. Which dam is also known as Ranjit Sagar dam?
A: Thien Dam

73. The Kalakot coal field is situated in :
A: Jammu & Kashmir

74. Which state occupies the top position in the country in male literacy?
A: Kerala

75. 'Sundarlal Bahuguna' is associated with :
A: Chipko Movement

76. The most spoken language in the world is :
A: Chinese

77. To which country does India export the largest quantity of iron ore?
A: Japan

78. India leads the world in the export of :
A: Mica

79. The food a man eats has :
A: Potential Energy

80. Which mirror is used as a shaving mirror?
A: Concave mirror

81. Transistors are made from :
A : Semi-conductors

82. India's biggest Nuclear Research Reactor is known as :
A: Dhruva

83. Who is the highest civil servant of the Union Government?
A: Cabinet Secretary

84. A proclamation of emergency must be placed before the Parliament for its approval within
A: 1 month

85. The resolution for the removal of the Vice-President of India can be proposed in :
A: Any house of Parliament

[ The given questions are random].


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