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HPSSSB Staff nurse exam - Questions and Answers | Nursing exam preparation

This post is focused on Staff Nurse Examination conducted by HPSSSB. I took these questions with reference to the examination held in 2016 and sharing with you. Hope all the nursing aspirants of Devbhoomi would like this post. Any suggestions and improvements are always welcome.     1. Adequacy of fluid replacement in a patient with shock is best determined by: a) Systolic blood pressure above 100 mm Hg b) Diastolic blood pressure above 100mm Hg c) Urine output of 30 ml per hour d) Urine output of 50 ml per hour ANS : (c) 2. The most common symptom of a sliding hiatal hernia is : a) Feeling of fullness b) Difficulty in breathing c) Gastroesophageal reflux d) All of the above ANS  : (c) 3. The axial skeleton consists of : a) 40 bones b) 80 bones c) 100 bones d) 126 bones ANS  : (b) 4. Quarantine is related to : a) Maximum incubation period b) Minimum incubation period c) Serial interval d) Generation time ANS  : (a) 5. Persistent l