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HP Staff Nurse exam MCQs | HPSSSB staff nurse exam | Staff Nurse examination Questions and Answers

1. An example of probiotic food: A. Milk B. Apple C. Carrot D. Kefir ANS: D 2. The sub-mission of National Health Mission launched in May 2013 to expand health coverage to urban areas: A. EAG B. JSY C. NUHM D. NRHM ANS: C 3. Which of the following is not an application of nanotechnology in the food industry? A. Genetic recombination B. Antimicrobial packing C. Enhanced nutrient delivery D. Improved texture ANS: A 4. Probiotic bacteria taken together with prebiotics that supports their growth are called : A. Symbiosis B. Synbiotics C. Prebiotics D. Neobiotics ANS: B 5. The iron requirement of an NPNL adult woman is : A. 21 mg/dL B. 28 mg/dL C. 31 mg/dL D. 38 mg/dL ANS: A 6. An example of non-conventional novel food developed for nutrition security : A. Soya chunks B. Bengal gram flour C. Egg D. Vegetables ANS: A 7. Which among the following is not produced using gene technology? A. Alpha amylase B. Chymosin C. Protease D. Ptyali