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HPAS Exam 2020 result | HPPSC HPAS PRELIMS Exam 2020 Questions and Answers | HPAS 2020 result

Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services, Prelims Exam 2020 - Set D Questions and Answers [1 to 100] : 1. Which among the following variables/factors are not used in constructing Human Development Index of India? (a) Life Expectancy at birth (b) Real GDP per capita (c) Morbidity (d) All of the above Answer : (c) 2. Disguised Unemployment means (a) Marginal Productivity of labour is zero (b) Marginal productivity of labour is positive (c) Marginal productivity of labour is negative (d) Both a and b Answer : (a) 3. Human Development does not use which parameter while measuring gender inequality (a) Sex Ratio (b) Health (c) Education (d) Command over economic resources Answer : (a) 4. SANKALP is launched to provide: (a) Better healthcare for rural poor (b) Better healthcare for urban poor (c) Quality education (d) Market relevant training to youth Answer : (d) 5. Golden rule of fiscal policy in India is (a) Borrowing only for current expenditure. (b) Borrowing only for public investment (